Chlorine dioxide analyzer

We all want to limit the maintenance costs of process instruments. Did you know that LED-based chlorine dioxide analyzers require zero maintenance?

An additional benefit is that the optical output from an LED light source is exceptionally stable over time and does not drift, which eliminates the need for recalibration.

The Kemtrak chlorine dioxide analyzer is used to optimize the reaction efficiency of ClO2 generation, improve the control of vent-gas scrubbers to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, and monitor the final concentration of chlorine dioxide product sent to the bleaching plant.

Simultaneous measurement is made at two optical wavelengths to provide accurate and reliable measurement unaffected by window fouling or entrained particulates/suspended solids. The result is continuous concentration analysis without the need for consumable reagents.

Let your analyzer do the job, not you. Optimize your chlorine dioxide generation with a Kemtrak maintenance-free chlorine dioxide analyzer.

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