Validation accessory

Traceable Validation & Calibration Accessory


The Kemtrak traceable validation & calibration accessory provides measurement confidence assurance from regular trouble free verification saving valuable time and resources.

The non-intrusive cuvette size filter holder allows a traceable validation filter or liquid calibration standard to be placed directly in the light path without interruption of the process line. This removes the need to take the photometer out of line and handle potentially hazardous materials or risk contamination of the process line. The result is a highly reliable validation measurement that provides confidence the instrument is working to specification and is providing a correct measurement.

The Kemtrak traceable validation accessory is designed to use an absorbance filter or cuvette with a standard 12.5 mm square profile, the same as used to validate offline devices such as laboratory spectrophotometers. This means that only one set of filters is required to validate both laboratory instruments and Kemtrak process photometers fitted with the validation accessory. As the exact same validation filters or liquid samples can be used, this flexibility assures traceability and drastically improves confidence in the online measurement.

The Kemtrak traceable validation & calibration accessory is available as an integrated part of a Kemtrak industrial measurement cell or as a stand alone version for installations with high process temperature, inconvenient location or where routine off-line and laboratory use of the photometer is a requirement.

For more information and for assistance selecting a suitable set of validation filters, please contact a Kemtrak sales representative.


Kemtrak Tri-Clamp type in-line measurement cell with validation accessory using certified NIST traceable validation filters in a standard 12.5 mm size cuvette format.



  • Non-intrusive validation & calibration
  • Confirm photometric accuracy and linearity
  • Ensure measurement confidence
  • Cross validation with laboratory
  • Standard 12.5 mm square profile cuvette


Traceable Vaildation & Calibration Accessory Info
Technical Note: Validation of inline photometers for improved measurement confidence

How it works

The Kemtrak DCP007 series process photometer can be validated using standard non‐intrusive traceable reference standards that will verify photometric accuracy and linearity, both of which are critical to measurement result quality.

The validation accessory allows a standard 12.5 mm square form factor style cuvette to be inserted in the optical circuit.

As process photometers can be verified without the need to interfere with the process line, confidence as a result from regular trouble free validation is assured while saving valuable time and resources.

A beam of light passes through the process line and a NIST validation filter.