Interface detection

If two phases have a difference in either turbidity or absorbance between 250nm and 2000nm, then they can be accurately monitored using a Kemtrak process photometer. By monitoring at strategic points in the process, immediate detection of product-product or product-water interfaces can be achieved.

The benefits include:

  • reduced product loss
  • increased product quality
  • faster product changeover
  • reduced waste water contamination

The net benefit is a substantial cost reduction.

Kemtrak photometers are easy to install and require no maintenance. Use a Kemtrak DCP007 LED process photometer for monitoring changes in color or a Kemtrak DCP007-NIR LED process photometer for detecting variation in the water or organic content between the phases.

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A sedimentation column and a graph showing how an interface can be detected with kemtrak.
interface detection