Kemtrak for petrochemical industry

Kemtrak photometers use industrial grade fiber optics (steel jacketing) to pipe light from the analyzer to an industry standard measurement cell. Kemtrak measurement cells are ideally suited for the most hazardous explosive atmospheres as they contain no electricity, moving parts or source of heat.

Efficient process control using in-line photometry can reduce environmental emissions and running costs. From a better understanding of the process, maintenance costs and downtime can also be reduced.

Petrochemical applications include:

ASTM D 1500 Color measurement


The ASTM D 1500 color scale is applicable to a wide range of petroleum products, such as lubricating oils, heating oils, diesel fuel oils and petroleum waxes.

Color measurement (ASTM Saybolt)


The ASTM D 156 Saybolt color scale is used in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries to grade the yellowness of pale liquid products and to monitor product contamination.

Crude Oil in Water


Crude oil is a yellow-to-black liquid consisting of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights and other liquid organic compounds.

Interface detection


By monitoring either the absorbance or turbidity at strategic points in the process, immediate detection of product-product or product-water interfaces can be achieved.

Water in fuel


The measurement of water in hydrocarbon solvents and gasses is an important measurement in the petrochemical industry.