Pulp & Paper


Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent used to bleach chemical and mechanical pulp. Ozone is used as an alternative to chlorine or chlorine dioxide to remove lignin from wood pulp . It is often used in conjunction with oxygen and hydrogen peroxide to completely eliminate the need for chlorine-containing compounds in the manufacture of high-quality, white paper.

Ozone strongly absorbs at wavelenghts below 400nm (UV) that the Kemtrak DCP007-UV LED process photomter can easily measure. The Kemtrak DCP007-UV uses a long life high performance UV LED light source with robust industrial grade fiber optics to provide drift and noise-free measurement with very high precision.

A proprietary dual wavelength four channel measurement technique and advanced digital electronics design allows deep absorbance measurement to 5 AU. A range of shorter optical pathlengths allow for deeper absorbance measurements. Automatic compensation for sample turbidity and/or fouling of the optical windows ensures trouble free operation.