Turbidity calibration kit


Calibration kit to facilitate the validation and calibration of TC007 “scatter ratio mode” turbidity analyzers.

The calibration kit is designed for use with 3-port Kemtrak measurement cells with a 20mm optical pathlength.

Key features:

  • Quick and reproducible method for calibration and validation of turbidity measurements.
  • Using formazin solutions in sealed vials with no liquid in contact to the measurement cell. Formazin is the standard material referred to in national and international standards to measure turbidity.
  • Vial positioning fixtures available for tri-clamp and flange measurement cells with sizes from 1” to 4” / DN25 to DN100.
  • Delivered in a protective carrying case with three formazin standards (20, 100 and 800 NTU), fixture, stray light exclusion cap, instructions and certificates.