Immersion probes

Backscatter Immersion Probes


Kemtrak backscatter probes are designed to accurately measure low to extremely high turbidity directly in tanks and pipelines.

The dual fiber optic design of the Kemtrak probe provides high resolution at low turbidity ranges with excellent linearity all the way up to extremely high turbidities when used with a Kemtrak NBP007 backscatter photometer.

A unique benefit of the Kemtrak backscatter immersion probe is that it does not go blind at high sample turbidities. Other probes stop working at 4 000 NTU/FNU (< 1 wt% solids) after which the signal will decrease resulting in an erroneous and misleading output. The output of the Kemtrak probe will continue to increase with sample concentration ensuring a reliable measurement.

Kemtrak outperforms other probes in output versus suspended solids concentration.


The compact design of the immersion probe makes the instrument suitable for both laboratory bench top work and the most process installations.


  • Crystallization control
  • Cell Culture monitoring
  • Interface detection
  • Concentration & solids measurement
  • Product differentiation


  • 0.0005% (10 NTU) to 100% solids
  • Real time, in-line measurement
  • Two Robust hygienic designs:
  • 1″/DN25 TriClamp
  • Ø12mm PG13.5 (pH probe style)
  • Designed for CIP processes
  • Suitable for hazardous area use

Kemtrak 12mm backscatter immersion probe PB-IZ
Kemtrak TriClamp backscatter probe PB-CZL3

How it works

The complete system comprises a robust process backscatter probe connected to Kemtrak NBP007 backscatter photometer.

The Kemtrak NBP007 backscatter photometer is a advanced instrument that is optimized for obtaining the absolute best performance from fiber optic backscatter probes.

The system comprises two components:

  1. Measurement Probe. Robust fiber optic backscatter probe. The TriClamp manifold is shown here mounted on a 2″ sanitary pipeline.
  2. Photometer. The Kemtrak NBP007 backscatter photometer contains all electronics including light source and detectors.

Kemtrak NBP007 high concenentration suspended solids analyzer for biomass concentration, fermentation cell density, milk fat measurement, crystallization, slurry, interface detection and centrifuge control.