Chemical concentration

Process photometry can be used for many applications in the chemical industry for direct and instantaneous in-line measurement of liquid and gas concentrations. A Kemtrak photometer can be installed virtually anywhere a liquid or gas flows, providing:

  • a more cost effective and reliable process
  • process optimization
  • reduce product loss
  • increase product yield
  • early breakdown warning
  • quality assurance & control
  • safety
  • environmental protection and compliance
  • invoicing (on-site chemical production)
  • peace of mind

Direct concentration measurements include:

  • acetone
  • alcohols
  • benzene
  • bromine
  • cadmium
  • calcium carbonate
  • chlorine
  • chlorine dioxide
  • chromium
  • cobalt
  • copper
  • hydrochloric acid
  • hypochlorite
  • iodine
  • nickel
  • oil
  • ozone
  • phosgene
  • sodium hydroxide
  • sodium hypochlorite
  • sulfur dioxide
  • sulfuric acid


If either a liquid or gas has an absorbance between 250nm and 2000nm, then a Kemtrak photometer can measure it. Kemtrak photometers and turbidity meters use a long life high performance LED light source with robust industrial grade fiber optics to provide drift and noise-free measurement with very high precision.

Kemtrak offers a comprehensive range of measurement cell manifolds that can withstand the most harsh of industrial environments. High temperatures, pressures and explosive environments (ATEX) are available.

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