Chromatographic separation

Chromatography involves passing a mixture of substances dissolved in a mobile phase through a stationary phase, in order to separate the substances of interest. Chromatography requires accurate monitoring and control and repeatability is essential.

Benefits of in-line control include:

  • optimized regeneration
  • bubble detection
  • protein concentration measurement

Virtually all proteins absorb at around 280nm. Installing a Kemtrak DCP007 UV photometer to the outlet of the chromatography column allows instant decisions to be made regarding the collection of product.

The Kemtrak DCP007 UV LED photometer uses a long life high performance LED light source with robust fiber optics to provide drift and noise-free measurement with very high precision.

A proprietary dual wavelength four channel measurement technique and advanced digital electronics design allows deep absorbance measurement to 5 AU. A range of shorter optical pathlengths allow for deeper absorbance measurements. Automatic compensation for sample turbidity and/or fouling of the optical windows ensures trouble free operation.

Measurement cells are available in intrinsically safe hygienic TriClamp flanges to custom manifolds with less than 1 µL internal volume for fast and accurate concentration measurement of proteins.

A Kemtrak photometer can be used to control and optimize size exclusion (gel filtration) chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography and affinity chromatography.

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