Environmental Statement

At Kemtrak, we believe a sustainable world requires efficient manufacturing processes. Our products increase our customers profit by preventing or limiting waste.

Kemtrak manufactures robust industrial analyzers that empower our customers to go green. Our products provide a window into your process that enables resources to be conserved, waste minimized, energy consumption reduced, and harmful leaks detected.

Some examples of our customers success include:

Centrifuge control
A clean atmosphere is assured by removing SO2 and particulates using scrubbers for wet exhaust gas cleaning in marine applications. Robust Kemtrak turbidimeters optimize separators and assure trouble free operation.

Gas scrubber optimization
Kemtrak photometers continuously monitor exhaust gases such as ClO2 and Cl2 to minimize loss of valuable and harmful product into the environment.

Leak detection
Heat exchanger and process leaks are inevitable, and due care must be taken to assure toxic substances do not contaminate the product or environment. Continuous monitoring of leaks is an essential part of any process and Kemtrak analyzers provide ultra-low (ppb) levels of detection.

Distillation optimization

Distillation columns consume an enormous amount of energy. Kemtrak analyzers are used to optimize energy consumption though real time measurement of tray & distillate concentration, impurity levels and to optimize reflux conditions that result in substantial savings.

Interface detection and optimization
Food & dairy processes consists of multiple interfaces between products and cleaning chemicals. Kemtrak analyzers significantly reduce operating costs by reducing product loss, process downtime and waste by precision interface control, at any concentration.

Oil in water monitoring

Oil leaks result in ecosystem destruction and must be prevented. Kemtrak trace oil and hydrocarbon contamination analyzers are routinely employed to safeguard the environment.


Our Company

Kemtrak is committed to limiting the impact of its activities on the environment.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

Minimize carbon footprint

  • Promote environmental awareness to employees and enlist their support in improving the Company’s performance through training and instruction.
  • Kemtrak facilities are fully equipped with energy efficient heating and environmentally friendly low energy lamps that are switched off when not in use.
  • Environmentally friendly electricity is preferentially chosen for our facilities.
  • Kemtrak actively strives to recycle waste generated at its production facilities.
  • Meetings are conducted remotely where possible, and travelling is done responsibly.


Promote a product range to minimize environmental impact

  • Kemtrak products are free from hazardous mercury.
  • Kemtrak products comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, which bans new electrical and electronic equipment from containing more than permissible levels of hazardous substances.
  • Kemtrak products are constructed from robust materials such as stainless steel, sapphire, and long-life LED light sources. As such, the product life cycle is greatly increased which reduces unnecessary maintenance and waste.
  • Many Kemtrak products are recyclable or contain recyclable materials. By recycling these products correctly, you will help conserve natural resources and prevent potential negative environmental consequences.
  • Kemtrak products require no (or very low) service or maintenance, helping companies lower their ecological footprint and further reduce costs.



Kemtrak invests in areas that are beneficial for the people and the planet, and we support and promote the societies where we conduct business. By leveraging the latest and greenest technologies, we ensure we are doing our best to create a more sustainable process industry for the coming generations.


Kemtrak technology provides real, significant, and measurable benefits. Resources are finite, and by optimizing processes, we empower our customers to be socially and environmentally responsible. After all, a better world is a world with cleaner air & water, less energy consumption, and a reduced use of our precious natural resources.

If you want to learn more, please contact our sales team.