Pulp & Paper

Chlorine dioxide – liquid


  • 1 ppm – 20 g/L
  • Real time continuous measurement
  • Optimize generator & gas scrubber performance
  • Assure correct dosage concentration


Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is used primarily as a bleaching agent in the pulp and paper industry for elemental chlorine free (ECF) bleaching. Chlorine dioxide has a strong UV absorption and is accurately and continuously measured in all liquid and gas streams using a Kemtrak chlorine dioxide analyzer.

The Kemtrak chlorine dioxide analyzer is used to optimize the reaction efficiency of ClO2 generation, improve the control of vent-gas scrubbers to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and for monitoring the final concentration of chlorine dioxide product sent to the bleaching plant.

The Kemtrak chlorine dioxide analyzer uses high performance long life LED light technology that provides substantial benefits over traditional incandescent lamps. The optical output from a LED light source is exceptionally stable and consistent over time which eliminates drift and removes the need for recalibration. LED light sources also have a zero maintenance requirement.

A pulp mill with Kemtrak analyzers between the different processing steps.

Initial calibration is simplified using an automated QuickCal one point calibration. NIST-traceable validation filters are available to verify analyzer performance without process interruption.

Chlorine dioxide is an aggressive chemical substance – all wetted parts of the Kemtrak DCP007 flow cell are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials such as titanium and sapphire.

Chlorine Dioxide analyzer

Chlorine Dioxide (liquid) Application Note
DCP007 Product Brochure

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A calibration curve of chlorine dioxide.