ASTM D 1500 Color Scale


  • 0 – 8 ASTM D 1500 Color Scale
  • Manufacturing quality and control
  • Real time continuous measurement
  • Zero maintenance
  • High temperature operation – up to 275°C / 527°F
  • For use in zone 1 hazardous areas (EExD)


The ASTM D 1500 color scale is applicable to a wide range of petroleum products, such as lubricating oils, heating oils, diesel fuel oils and petroleum waxes. The ASTM D 1500 color scale is the principal quality measurement used for the purchase and sale of partially refined oils.

As an oil is refined, there exists a correlation between the color of the distillate and the degree of refinement. During the refining process, crude oil is transformed into a range of products with distinct colors ranging from the dark red-black of crude through to the pale yellow hue of the lighter fractions. The distinct petroleum colors can be accurately measured and the refinement process controlled using the ASTM D 1500 color scale.

The ASTM D 1500 color scale is also used for product and interface detection, and for product contamination monitoring.

ASTM D 1500 Color Application Note
DCP007 Product Brochure

The Kemtrak DCP007 LED process photometer will accurately measure the ASTM D 1500 color scale.

The Kemtrak DCP007 uses a long life LED light source, precision optical filters and robust fiber optics that provides an ASTM D 1500 color analyzer with outstanding performance and reliability.

Thanks to a proprietary dual wavelength four channel measurement technology, highly colored to trace color detection is no problem. The primary “absorbing” wavelength approximates the perception of the human eye, while a second reference NIR wavelength not influenced by the sample color is used to compensate for turbidity and/or fouling of the optical windows.