Single Use Hygienic Measurement Cell

In-line Fiber Optic Measurement cells

Kemtrak disposable measurement cells eliminate cross contamination between products and batches, offering the utmost in safety, convenience and flexibility in biopharmaceutical processing.

The Kemtrak single use UV measurement system is ideally suited to chromatographic separation and filtration applications where a wide selection of line sizes and choice of measurement path lengths accommodate small scale discovery to full scale production.

Kemtrak Single Use Cells


  • Chromatographic separation
  • Filtration
  • small scale discovery to full scale production




• Zero dead volume
• Quick release mechanism
• Line sizes from ¼” to 1”
• Optical path-lengths from 10 mm (4.5 OD) to 0.5 mm (90 OD)
• USP Class VI and FDA certification
• Sterilized by autoclaving or irradiation