Kemtrak for food industry

Kemtrak in-line photometry is used in the food and beverage industry to monitor and improve product quality and consistency while reducing costs in the manufacturing process. Kemtrak in-line photometers for food and beverage applications use measurement cells and probes designed for sanitary use and will withstand the temperatures, pressures and conditions necessary for processing and CIP cycles.

Food & Beverage applications include:



Kemtrak in-line photometers have many applications in the brew house – from the continuous monitoring of color, to yeast and solids concentration.



It is now possible to accurately monitor, in-line and in real time, the full range of milk-fat concentration.




Kemtrak photometers have numerous applications in a spirits distillery for improving product quality/consistency.

Food processing


Kemtrak photometers have numerous applications in food processing plants for accurate and instantaneous in-line measurement.

ICUMSA color


The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis describe a number of methods for the colorimetric determination of filtered sugar suspensions at known concentration

Interface detection


Knowledge of the actual concentration of the dairy product in real time will eliminate costly guess work and result in significant and substantial cost reduction.



Soft drink


Installing Kemtrak photometers at key locations in the soft-drink manufacturing process will provide increased production efficiency and product consistency.



Kemtrak in-line photometers have many applications in the wine making process whereby precise in-line monitoring and control is used to guarantee a consistent and high quality product.