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ICUMSA Color Scale


  • ICUMSA Methods GS 1/3-7, GS 2/3-10 and GS 2/3-10
  • Determination of the solution color of white sugars, brown sugars, raw sugars and colored syrups
  • Decolorization of glucose syrups
  • Charcoal filter alarm
  • Manufacturing quality and control
  • Real time in-line continuous measurement
  • Zero maintenance LED light source that never needs replacing

The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) describe a number of methods for the colorimetric determination of filtered sugar suspensions at known concentration (Brix value).

The ICUMSA color scale is used to measure the grade and quality of the sugar. The color of sugar directly relates to the degree of refining – raw sugars being dark brown in color while highly refined sugars are white in color. The ICUMSA color scale is a measurement of the yellowness of the sugar resulting from residual molasses not removed in the refining process and can be used to monitor and control the manufacturing process.

The Kemtrak DCP007 LED process photmeter is recommended to accurately measure ICUMSA color. The Kemtrak DCP007 utilizes a proprietary dichromatic measurement technology that compensates for particulates, allowing accurate color measurement without the need for filtration.

The Kemtrak DCP007 LED process photmeter uses a high performance long life LED light source, precision optical filters and robust fiber optics that results in an ICUMSA color analyzer with outstanding performance and reliability.

ICUMSA Color Application Note
DCP007 Product Brochure

Thanks to the proprietary dichromatic four channel measurement technology, particulates in the sample can be compensated for in real time providing an accurate measure of color without the need for filtration. A primary “absorbing” wavelength accurately measures color changes in the process medium, while a second reference wavelength, which is not absorbed by the process medium, compensates for particulates and/or fouling of the optical windows.

Since optic fibers are used to transfer light to the measurement point and back, the measurement cell contains no electronics, moving parts or sources of heat that result in condensation on the optical surfaces. Standard measurement cells are machined in sanitary grade stainless steel with sapphire windows.

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