Kemtrak for pharmaceutical industry

Kemtrak in-line photometers are ideally suited to the needs of the Pharmaceutical & Biochemical industries. Use of in-line process photometry can reduce costs, increase quality and ensure environmental and regulatory compliance.

Pharmaceutical & Biochem applications include:

Centrifugal separation


Centrifugation is a process used for liquid/liquid or liquid/solid separation.

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Chromatographic separation


Chromatography requires accurate monitoring and control and repeatability is essential.

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Kemtrak in-line photometers for monitoring the feed, retentate and permeate lines can maximize yields, extend filter life, and minimize product loss.

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Phase separation


If two phases have any difference in either turbidity or absorbance between 250nm and 2500nm, then they can be separated by a Kemtrak process photometer.

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Protein measurement


Proteins are large biological molecules comprised of one or multiple amino acids.

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Water detection


The measurement of water in alcohols or hydrocarbon solvents is an important measurement in many pharmaceutical processes.

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