Oil in water analyzer

Are you concerned about oil leaks ending up in your product or the environment?

Detecting and addressing trace oil leaks as quickly as possible is crucial for preventing environmental contamination and ensuring equipment integrity. A leading technology for achieving this goal is UV fluorescence monitoring, which offers the ability to detect oil contaminants in water or other fluids down to parts per billion (ppb).

The principle behind UV fluorescence monitoring lies in the unique spectral properties of oils, particularly those rich in aromatic components. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, these oils fluoresce and emit light at specific wavelengths. Entrained gas and solids present in the sample do not fluoresce removing the problem of false alarms experienced with other technologies.

Kemtrak is the industry leader in LED based industrial photometers and manufactures ruggedized inline oil in water analyzers for detection of trace hydrocarbons in water. Kemtrak analyzers use dual UV fluorescence and turbidimetric analysis to detect both aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbons. Continuous detection of trace oil and hydrocarbon contamination is assured.

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