The performance and productivity of UF/MF/RO and cross-flow filtration systems can be significantly improved by the installation of Kemtrak process photometers. Kemtrak in-line photometers for monitoring the feed, retentate and permeate lines can maximize yields, extend filter life, and minimize product loss.

Benefits include:

  • optimum precision and repeatability
  • filter can be run to certain target (retentate)
  • minimized product loss (permeate)
  • immediate detection of filter breakthrough
  • control & optimization of filter aids
  • quality assurance and control
  • cost reduction

The Kemtrak TC007 LED Turbidimeter uses high performance long life NIR LED lamps to accurately measure the turbidity of the sample in accordance with the International Standard ISO7027 defining turbidity measurement.

As with all Kemtrak photometers, the Kemtrak TC007 is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Optic fibers are utilized to pipe the light from within the analyzer enclosure to the sampling point and back. Kemtrak flow-cell manifolds are available in a range of materials and design, including DIN and sanitary TriClamp flanges. Process probes for use in tanks are also available.