#6 Weekly Application: Sulfuric acid

Did you know that the Kemtrak sulfuric acid
analyzer not only monitors sulfuric acid concentration with high accuracy but
also does so over the whole range?⚗️

Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive, strong mineral acid used in various industrial processes, from fertilizer production to oil refining. It is vital to monitor its concentration and quality to ensure efficiency and safety in these applications.

Features of the Kemtrak sulfuric analyzer include:

– Whole measurement range: 0-100% sulfuric acid concentration with linear calibration curves;
– Safe operation in hazardous environments;
– Maintenance-free industrial-grade optic fibers;
– Corrosion-resistant PTFE (Teflon) measurement cells.

Ensure that you always get the correct measurement value of sulfuric acid concentration with the Kemtrak process analyzer 👩‍🔬