Ethylene Glycol detector

Ethylene glycol is a colorless, odorless chemical used as a heat transfer compound in industrial applications and as antifreeze in car radiators. Ethylene glycol is toxic, affecting the central nervous system, heart and kidneys. Ingested in sufficient quantity will result in death.

Ethylene glycol leaks can be detected by the addition of FDA-approved dyes such as Fluorescein (using fluorescence) or Brilliant Blue (using absorbance) to the glycol fluid. Minute concentrations down to parts per trillion (ppt) can be detected.

The Kemtrak ethylene glycol detector serves an essential function in quality control by assuring product safety through accurate detection of heat exchanger leaks which could lead to production contamination with glycol. This is particularly critical in the Food and Beverage industry where a product recall can have legal and brand damaging effects. The Kemtrak glycol detector enables instant on-line leak detection to complement complex and time-consuming methods such as gas chromatography.

Ethylene glycol detector