#7 Weekly application : Beer color

Fun Fact:

The European Brewery Convention (EBC), founded in 1947, supports brew-scientific activities across Europe. Its mission is to develop analytical methods that ensure beer quality, maintaining high standards for raw materials and brewing processes 🍺

Chemical consistency:

The color of beer and wort is a crucial parameter for quality control during brewing. To determine the color, light absorption is measured at a wavelength of 430nm.

The absorption is measured in a 10mm cuvette, and if necessary, the sample is diluted until the absorption is below 2 extinction units (E430). The EBC color is then calculated as follows:

EBC color = E430 x 25 x dilution factor

Industrial application:

The EBC color system is predominantly used in Europe, while North and South America use the Standard Reference Method (SRM) to measure beer color. These two systems are closely related and can be converted using the following equations:

SRM = EBC x 0.508
EBC = SRM * 1.97

How does Kemtrak measure this?

The Kemtrak Beer color analyzer can accurately measure the absorption at 430nm, used to determine the EBC color.

Measurement technique:

The Kemtrak Beer color analyzer is designed to be a true photometer, directly outputting absorption units without the need for calibration.

🔑 Key benefits include:

– Compliance: meet industry standards

– Consistency: in-line continuous monitoring

– Precision: make informed decisions