In-line concentration, colour and turbidity measurement and control. UV (ultraviolet), VIS (visible, colour), NIR (near-infrared) photometers and turbidimeters

Kemtrak AB was founded in 2006 to creatively integrate new technologies and manufacture high performance measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry.

2013 Kemtrak 2nd Generation instrument platform
2012 pH style immersion backscatter probe
2010 NBP007 backscatter photometer
2007 DCP007 process photometer
TC007 process turbidimeter
2006 Kemtrak AB founded
1992 Monitrol pulp consistency monitor
1988 Cleantrol 8788 ballast water oil content monitor
1987 M87 bilge oil content monitor
1985 Brännströms Elektronik AB was founded
PoCon swimming pool chlorine control system




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